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February 19, 2005


Joan Speer

people are more open on the internet
it's just thoughts being projected/opened on another's screen
one can be free to express views
webber's don't hide behind masks
they expose/express all
it's the personal relationship/interaction that causes one to put on the mask of illusion
attempting to project back their
thought/feeling of what another wants of them
interacting or not on the web
an individual choice
people either stand their ground
or find another with whom to play/interact
disregarding the one they no longer agree
with no one the wiser one left
the playground
no one cares
there's always another
to come along
no hurt feelings
just another day on the blog


maybe so
but i don't hide
myself from people on the internet
i'm quite open
atleast that's my intention
it's just a different form of expression

and personal conversation/relationships
can be filled with masks and illusions also
or they can be an opportunity to lay them aside and learn/grow like any form of interaction can be

that's what i'm into
and to nurture the aspiration
to live life from my heart simple
and sincerely

Joan Spper

it is not a true connection
it is the greatest illusion we have all
subscribed to in
an attempt to feel
connected to others while
carefully guarding the
frailty/vulnerability of our
heartfelt emotions left
frayed and worn from
past experiences albeit
behind the digital screen displaying
a clamor of color representing
the thoughts of others assigned
through bits and bytes of techno
thoughts written
displayed in some semblance of
organization to convey an idea
or belief
the art of true
face to face
for fear of being hurt
fear of rejection
we all walk around
multible masks
created by us
for each person we
encounter along life's journey
for fear of being discovered for
whom we truly are...
a wonderful loving feeling spiritual person
who wants a connection with another like-minded person willing to risk heartache
once more to experience the
ultimate high of a lifetime
through body/mind/spirit


yeah i clutter the knowlege alot
gadget guy and all that
it's a way of feeling connected
to something i spose about being
among the living diving
into the ocean of
the world
that surrounds us
and feeling connected
i guess

Joan Speer

Sometimes one awakens early because the spirit within needs our conscious time - undistracted by the commotions of everyday life and living - to bring conscious breath back into our being - to make us aware of what is real in an otherwise bizarre materialistic world - being in the present - the here/the now - no more considerations of what happened yesterday, but embracing the moment of the now and accepting what could be tomorrow - without biased expectations from past experiences. Jammin'/tunin'/surfin'/whatever - clutter the knowledge trying to come in.

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