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the person in the picture is me
driving my car

some little known but interesting facts ::

for a number of years i was a diving instructor at xcacel beach our original dive shop was a chevy van we would take the tourists out scuba diving my father was a baptist preacher

for awhile i had a serious interest in the medium of television among my noted accomplishments were 'rohn bayes roving reporter' 'tvtv' and assorted short and generally bizarre experiments my goal was to become the next ted koppel/david letterman an endeavor at which i exhibited a considerable and unique unmarketability

i am a secret agent i have a whole bag of tricks and secret codes that you might like to know about or maybe you're not interested and anyways i can't tell you because it's classified there are clues in my poetry

my best soul mate so far was kio he was half coyote and knew magic tricks from the coyote tribe
when he died i said goodbye and cried for three weeks

i once traveled in europe for 9 months on $3

the wisest person i know is maharaji the best poet too

i also have a job
but it's classified

in my life before i was 19 i was the member of a secret cult which shall go unamed and hopefully unarmed then i was asked to go out from there unto the civilization

i read all the don juan books when i was 20 and learned how to disappear and reappear with the fibers from my egg

i like the cure because their bass line sucks

i am a crappy poker player

i am an internet addict
well everybody knows that

my hobbies are pretending to be other people to people who don't know me and then when they know me pretending to be myself i know it sounds complicated bonsai baseball kung-fu movies just kidding around