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February 09, 2005


Paddy Noble

So meister-holi-man are the colours still in your hair? your eyes? Are the burdens gone packing while you trek the land of smiles and raucous harmony? I await new photos of sweepers making way for joy! Be well and keep it coming! -- Jet-lagged-but-still-flying-Mama! P.S. Watching them reach to paint your tall smiling cheeks was a treat! JaiSatChitAnand and many head-wags to you! -- Paddy


"I don't read my press. I just weigh it."

- Adam Yauch - from an interview I did with the Beastie Boys, many many moons ago.


oh i don't know kinda liked their criticizm just cause it meant they read my stuff - didn't really care that much what their opinions were


Rohn: Thanks for the invite to your blogging site. I enjoyed it, even if I have not had the time to explore everything. As for those who feel the need to anally comment on your obvious affinity for the lower case, let them eat shit. I think you said it best with the new verb "to punctufuckingate." Distance your self from that cult/clique and be yourself. I like the stream of consciousness style. I look forward to looking at more of your pieces.

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